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 Check Before You Burn!

Check Before You Burn
Check Before You Burn is a wintertime air pollution pevention program aimed at protecting health and improving Southern California's air quality by restricting wood burning in residential fireplaces on days when air pollution levels are high. No-burn days are announced when fine particulate air pollution is forcast to be unhealthful and burning wood in fireplaces is prohibited. 

Burning wood is harmful because wood smoke contains many harful gases and particles so small they can travel deep into the lungs, causing serious health problems. It's even associated with premature deaths for people with chronic heart or lung conditions.

You can help by staying informormed. Sign up to receive no-burn alerts via e-mail or text alerts at Making the pledge to protect public health by not burning wood on no-burn days!

* Information provided by South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD). For more information visit:​.