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Health and Safety





The Health and Safety section is located at the Ben Clark Training Center and is staffed by Battalion Chief Scott Bethurum in a dual role over Training and Health & Safety, assisted by Fire Captain Bob Wood. 
The Health & Safety section is responsible for these activities:
  • Overall safety program management
  • Incident Safety Officer duties
  • Administration of the Respiratory Protection Program (RPP)
  • Departmental OSHA compliance
  • Injury Illness Protection Program (IIPP)
  • Coordination of all Department facility safety inspections with the Riverside County Safety Office
  • The Incident review process where a Blue and/or Green Sheet is developed 

The Fire Captains also act as Department/Unit representatives to numerous State and local committees such as the State SAFECO (Safety) Committee, the State PPE Committee, the County Vehicle Accident Review Board (VARB) and participates in Statewide Serious Accident Review Teams (SART).