S-2T Air Tanker "Turbine"
Grumman Aerospace, Bethpage, New York
Original Owner
U.S. Navy, 1954-1972. The S-2E/G was used as a carrier-based anti-submarine warfare airplane.

Acquired by CAL FIRE
In 1996, CAL FIRE acquired 26 S-2E/G planes from the Department of Defense. CAL FIRE converted the planes to a fire-fighting configuration and fitting them with modern, powerful turboprop engines. 12 S-2Ts were ready for the 2001 Fire Season. The completely reconditioned S-2Ts are faster, safer, more maneuverable and carry a larger retardant payload than the S-2A air tanker CAL FIRE has utilized since the 1970's. The S-2T air tanker is part of CAL FIRE's air program modernization efforts that will result in the safest and efficient mix of aircraft to carry out the fire fighting mission. 
A combination of S-2Ts and S-2As will be used by CAL FIRE in the next few years until a total of 23 S-2Ts replace all of the older S-2As.
Air Crew
One Pilot 
CAL FIRE utilizes the S-2T and S-2A air tankers for fast initial attack delivery of fire retardant on wildland fires.
Gross Weight: 29,150 Pounds
Maximum Speed: Unknown
Cruise Speed: 305 MPH.
Endurance: 4.5 Hours
Wing Span: 79 Feet
Engines: 2 Garrett TPE331-14GR
Turbine Engines, 1,650 HPR each