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Volunteer Reserve Firefighter Program 


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The Riverside County Fire Department's Volunteer Reserve Firefighter Program provides several avenues for Volunteers to provide emergency assistance to our community. 
Volunteer Reserve Firefighter
Volunteer Reserve Firefighters assist the Riverside County Fire Department in firefighting activities and the provision of 
Emergency Medical Services (EMS). They respond to alarms as members of fire crews to protect life and property using 
various fire apparatus, equipment, tools, and devices, while ensuring their proper use and maintenance. Volunteer 
Reserve Firefighters are trained Emergency Medical Technicians, First Responders or Emergency Medical Responders (EMR).
They administer varying degrees of emergency medical aid to injured people under extreme conditions involving trauma, 
illness, and personal tragedy. 
Volunteer Reserve Mobile Emergency Operations Communications Technicians assist the Riverside County Fire Department in a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations including but not limited to planned or unplanned responses(s) as part of a Mobile Emergency Operations Center for department events and emergencies.
Volunteer Reserve Chaplains assist the Riverside County Fire Department in a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations including but not limited to critical stress debriefings, memorial services for department staff and 
family members, and department and family home, hospital or other facility visitations offering support. 
Volunteer Reserve Photographer​
Volunteer Reserve Photographers assist the Riverside County Fire Department in a variety of photographic situations 
including department events and emergencies. Volunteer Reserve Photographers will also provide a variety of community 
services as directed by department staff.