Strategic Planning Division

The Strategic Planning Division (SP Division) creates and maintains an achievable and defensible long term vision (i.e. Strategic Master Plan) for the Fire Department. Consistent with Strategic Master Plan goals, the Division provides these services to unincorporated areas of Riverside County and Contract Cities in the County:

  • Fire Facility Planning, Design & Construction
  • Policy Analysis
  • Proposed Major Land Development Project Review for Fire Considerations
  • Specific/Area Plan Review
  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Review
  • LAFCO Proposed Actions, Review & Commentary
  • Regional Integrated Fire Protection
  • Master Fire Facilities Inventory Tracking
  • Fire Facilities Management
  • Insurance Services Office (ISO) Determinations

For proposed (real estate) development review, LAFCO review, station facility planning/development, Strategic Master Plan policy and ISO concerns, contact:

Strategic Planning at 951-955-5272 or

The SP Division is a dedicated resource of trained and experienced professionals in the areas of planning, design, construction, maintenance and fire protection services. Representatives are available to assist and answer any questions:

For station permitting/maintenance concerns and general inquiries, contact:

Facilities Bureau at 951.940-6779 or

Helpful Public Contacts

ISO Rating/Public Protection Classification (PPC):

Visit the following website The Public Protection Classification (PPC) Program | FAQ | Verisk to obtain the ISO rating /public protection classification for your property. Your Insurance company or agent can obtain this information for you. Call 800-444-4554 Option 2 for details.

Proposed Development Projects and Emergency Services Impact and Mitigation Review:

If you are an applicant, developer, outside agency or concerned citizen and are inquiring concerning what impacts to emergency services a proposed project represents and the likely proposals or measures to be made, please contact  Typically, SP Division is responsible for the review of Environmental Impact Reports (and other environmental impact studies), Specific Plans and the like for major real estate development and infrastructure projects.

Upkeep, Appearance of Existing Stations:

If you are a concerned citizen inquiring about the appearance/upkeep or other issue of your local station, please contact the station directly.

Strategic Master Plan